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Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce our products and services offered by Besafe1st®



Brief History

Besafe1st is an e-commerce online retail store and trademark owned by American company. Founded in 2009 by Martfro. The name comes from Be safe first after bad situations often happened to martin, losing family love ones and his best friends as student in the Naval Academy and after graduation.

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Besafe1st is a One-Stop Shop for Your Outdoor, Activities, Electronics, Marine, Automotive parts, accessories Need, and more. Delivering the best legit products just from the USA. 

From there we entered informal into the formal e-commerce retail store.  
Project - Supply.

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Besafe1st® is a United State trademark in connection with the Real Estate industry. Properties' projects, connections for tourism and/or investment at home or Caribbean country's.

Besafe1st has been for over 10 years.
*Area served USA - Canada.
* Founder (Martfro
* URL : besafe1st.com | besafe1st.us 
* Registration for customers profiles is optional (to do any activity)
* Users : 2000- 5000 thousand visitors daily.
* Current status : Active
Headquarters in Sheridan, WY.
Additional contact in
Hartford, CT, United States. 

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Brief Company Overview

Predominantly sale very sophisticated and reliable Our scope of activity includes:
- Sale of Marine Equipment like, Auxiliary Engines parts, Boilers, Air Compressors, Boat parts, Electronic, Navigation System and accessories, horns, converters, Turbochargers, Purifiers, Oily Water Separators, Water Makers, Pumps, Propellers, Valves, RV parts, Inverters / Charger, Lighting, outdoors, camping, Winches & Steering Gear, Auto and more.
- SPARE PARTS for all the Marine Equipment,
- Supply of Marine Electronics, Navigation, antenna, radars, satellite, sounds, speakers, Telecommunication products and solutions.
- We also offer professional software autochar.
- Automation Multipurpose Monitoring & Control Systems.
- We also sale hydrostatic, Life rafts, Life Jackets, Life Buoys, Couplings, nozzles, IMO Signage, solar panels etc. For the best legit brand parts.

 In addition, we are one of the few privileged companies allowed to sale diversity of products which is not advertised at all due to the confidentiality. Every gear we offer is available online. You can conveniently shop for the safety items and outdoor equipment you need for your next trip. With this range of products and solutions in addition to the various other brands we offer, plus the supporting infrastructure we have, we firmly believe that Besafe1st is well positioned and able to provide our customers with that add value to their business.


The thrill of the outdoors is hard to resist—it’s fun, exciting, and often full of surprises. No trip is ever the same, even if you ride the same old RV or camp in the same park every weekend. And if you want more adventures, you can always shake things up by trying new activities. But no matter the activity, safety is the name of the game of being outdoors. It’s fun to be spontaneous and take lots of risks on trips, but those risks should be calculated.

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 Extensive Range of Quality Outdoor Equipment & Safety Gear

Going camping or trail-hiking? Make sure you’re prepared for everything that might happen in the wild. Check out our large collection of top-quality outdoor equipment—from camping bags, compass & binoculars to waterproof bags and survival knives. We’ve also curated a collection of hunting & fishing accessories to make your outdoor adventure worthwhile. Don’t forget about your vehicle. Whether you’re taking your SUV to the nature park or your go-to boat for a fishing trip, make sure it’s equipped with safety gear & accessories. Browse through our shop to find durable yet affordable cords, fans, battery guards, heaters & more. Are you into waters ports? You’ll feel right at home here, too. We offer a wide selection of items perfect for your favorite activity. Check out our extensive collections of kayaks, Paddleboards, waterproof fitness watches, life vests, and other personal flotation devices.

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We are in a position to offer the best price and discount to customers. 
We look forward to being able to discuss any requirements you may have, currently and in the future.


Every gear we offer is available online. You can conveniently shop for the safety items and outdoor equipment you need for your next trip. We’ll ship them to your doorstep—no matter where you are.